Representation Through Humiliation


Kiss Up & Criticize... Sisterhood of Traveling Pants

* * * 1/2 (out of 5)

Went to see this obvious chick flick with some chums last night. During the course of the movie, realized that it was actually a pretty decent picture!

The basic premise is that a group of lifelong friends are about to go their different ways for one summer. They find a "magic" pair of jeans that as by miracle, fit them all, and form a "sisterhood" in which they will send the jpants back and forth to one another all summer. It's a lame concept, I agree, but nonetheless well carried out. Pretty emotional movie if you're the emotional type, I suppose, as there was scattered sniffling during some scenes in the theatre we were at. Not Kleenex-worthy anyway, but very sad in parts.

Funny in parts as well, but lets face it: It's a complete chick flick and not even a great date movie. Alas...

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