Representation Through Humiliation


John Roberts Gay?

No. Not really, but take a gander at this photo of him sporting the plaid flares.

Suspicious... Well, no. Not really. What really happened is that an NYT slide show depicting Roberts' boyhood days was causing controversy among bloggers:

Power Line:
They Were Already Beneath Contempt...

...but now some Democrats have sunk lower. They are hinting that John Roberts is a homosexual because he was once photographed--more than thirty years ago--wearing plaid pants.
Wonkette operatives have alerted us to some details in John G. Roberts background. We're not making any conclusions here -- we wouldn't want to comment on an ongoing investigation -- we're just laying out the facts: He is a graduate of an all-boys Catholic school where, as a member of the wrestling team, he regularly grappled with other sweaty, repressed boys. That is when he wasn't the drama club playing Peppermint Patty, for God's sake. He was also an editor of the school newspaper, "The Torch."
Reasoned Audacity:
They think that they can undermine support for someone among conservatives if they can dredge up some sort of homosexual connection -- or, in this case, just the manufactured whiff of a question.
Manhattan Offender:
My early years were very similar and, dude, I'm a total 'mo.
[T]he same notion crossed my mind. I do think the NYT piece was subtly constructed to plant this idea. Just look at the series of photographs they chose. (sic)
[T]here's no point in paying any attention to conservative critiques of the Times anymore. No matter how innocent the Times is, conservatives (and even some conservative-friendly moderates like Ann) will find malice in what the Times does - no matter how ludicrous they're being, and no matter how little evidence they have.
Their choice of pictures and captions for the show is rather interesting...

For instance, check out the caption for the aforementioned plaid pants picture:

Judge Roberts in a yearbook photo from his days at La Lumiere, an all-boys boarding school in LaPorte, Ind.
(emphasis mine)

Or for Slide Number Four, when NYT pointed out that Roberts had played the character of Peppermint Patty, a girl, in his boarding school play.

They also show him with his football and wrestling teammates, possibly suggesting he had a thing for the jocks?

The last slide depicts him embracing a group of men in a wedding photo.

Now in no way am I insinuating that John Roberts is gay. John Roberts is most likely not but perhaps and it would be OK even if he was gay. You heard it here first.