Representation Through Humiliation


Join 4th of July Guantanamo Action


Help CCR spearhead the fight to seek justice for the hundreds of men and minors who have languished at Guantánamo for more than three years and to seek redress for the abuse and torture many have suffered at the hands of military interrogators and private contractors there, at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq, in Afghanistan and at secret detention facilities around the world.

CCR is fighting to put an end to the Bush Administration's abuse of executive power and unlawful practices like extraordinary rendition - where torture and interrogation are literally outsourced to other countries. CCR is fighting to bring back the rule of law. Working outside the courtroom, CCR is mobilizing activists and raising awareness of these critical issues through education, the press, public readings and a variety of web-based actions. You can help put an end to the abuses at Guantánamo by joining in the actions below.

Please help spread the word around!