Representation Through Humiliation


Rove Outed by Cooper because He Outed Plame, Rove, not Cooper...

This probably won't post for a couple days because of this damn Blogger service and the tech guys who refuse to give me a straight answer as to what jthe problem is and how they/I can fix it. Whatver. I justed wanted to have it on the record that I, in fact, did cover this story, possibly the biggest political scandal since Watergate.

Alright, let me break this down for you: Rove leaked the identity of Valery Plame to the press in an interview with Matthew Cooper. George W. Bush said (most recently during the G8 conference) that he would fire anyone in his staff connected to the leak. It is discoverered through Matthew Copper's recent confession of his sources that Karl Rove, Bush's chief advisor and the man currently pupetteering the President with one hand and twirling the country around his little finger on the other. Hearing this, the White House's official responce was... silence. And then they said, 'Well, you should trust the White House staff, donchaknow...'

In conclusion, Rove will not be fired for revealing the identity and endangering the life of a CIA operative and the country will soon forget this ever happened and be lulled once again into a false sense of security and happily ever after until we are blinsided by a nuke or something because someone in the WH pulled the last straw. KERPLUNK!

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