Representation Through Humiliation


So Here We Are

Hey hey hey!

Back from a (much) longer than anticipated vacation! Infinite thanks to Ang for shouldering the writing duties in my absence. And if any of you ever feel the urge to let your voices be heard right here on the Fry, feel free to contact me at (spammers be damned). Just slap "guest blogging" in the subject line and I'll be able to set you up with a premium, exclusive, all-inclusive, super-duper, and all-that-jazz guest blogger account so you too can become a part of the Family of Fry (Fry Fam? Blog Buddies? The rarely-seen-and-even-more-rarely-talked-to Cousin Earls? What do you folks think?) Whatever says I.

Anyhoo, watching the Live 8 concert(s) via AOL Music, which I strongly recommend you check out. For those of you who don't know what this is, (very few, I would imagine...), it's a string of huge concerts taking place simentaneously all over the world (Philly, Rome, Moscow, Berlin, London, Paris, Toronto, Tokyo, and Johannesburg(?? not sure on the spelling of this one.)) to raise awareness among the G8 leaders about the poverty and disease- stricken state of Africa. A worthy cause, and some great tunes to go along with it? Now that's my bag. (The concerts are also available live on MTV and VH1 if you're still among the dial-up drones. It's a follow-up to the 1985 Live Aid concerts in London and Philadelphia also intended to raise awareness of the poor condition of Africa.

[prepare for rapid subject change]
While I was away Little Miss O'Connery gone and 'retired' (read: 'kamikazied in order to grant her position to a right wing nut job.') from the Supreme Court. Surprisingly, Rehnquist has yet to announce plans of retirement (and/or death...).

And that's the news for now. I'm sure I'll think of something I forgot and have to update later...

UPDATE: See? I told you! Okay, I don't think the outcome of Michael Jackson's child molestation trial were ever published here. (Probably for the best as I have the feeling Ang's opinions on this story radically differ from mine.) I'm actually glad he got off the hook. After more-or-less following the entire course of the trial (although not on here as I didn't think at the time I was ready to cover it), I have come to the conclusion that the man is only guilty of being deprived of his childhood. He's creepy as hell, sure... but since when is that a crime? I think he should get some serious counseling and whatnot, but jail is certaintly not the answer.

With that said, Ang is more than welcome to drop her $0.02 into the jar regarding this case.

UPDATE: Ang did indeed drop by and had this to say:

Regarding Michael Jackson ... here was my take ...

Weirdo - Yes
Am I a fan of MJ - No
Slept in same bed as kid - Yes
Touched kid in way he shouldn't have - No
And in a completely unrelated field, I found a Technorati badge (which I can't get to display for some reason) for Live 8! Hoorah!