Representation Through Humiliation



Well, Bush's approval ratings are still dropping, but The Fry's ratings can go nowhere but up! After not posting for over a week, ("I was busy!"), I'm kind of getting back into the swing of things, so you may see me updating, or you may not. You'll just have to stick around and see, won't you? Oh, and thanks to everyone who has given this humble blog over 5000 page views, I am truly honored.


We're Eloping to Cyberspace

Apparently ,due to a loophole in Texas marital law, two people can be married via blog, providing they "publicly declare that they consider each other as spouses and this fact be known to other residents of the state of Texas."

So on August fifth, Eric and Kathleen were married by blog.

Shoot off an email of congratulations to the happy couple.

America's Next Top Model

Work it Condi! Work it! I really like that color on you, Cond! Go! Go! No don't stop now! Show me your runway strut!