Representation Through Humiliation


Another Day In Court

On Monday, Saddam Hussein was in court listening to witness’ recollections of the days of Saddam’s reign of terror. After all accounts of the beating torture and sexual humiliation, Saddam decided that he had enough. He burst into rage and fury, telling the judge to “go to hell” and that he refused to continue with the court proceedings.
Saddam sees the proceedings, in my opinion, as a waste of time and that he would just rather die than having to sit through the court process. During basically all of the hearings, he will burst into a rage, ranting and raving over them. He complains of being tired, deprivation of shower opportunities, change of clothes, and personal time to exercise and smoke.
Being blamed for over 140 deaths, I feel, is an absurd amount of people who’s lack of life is your doing.

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