Representation Through Humiliation


[the latest] IPOD's....Are they really worth it???

The latest IPOD has been released. Its name??? iPOD 60GB and it sells for about $399. 60 gigs...... that's more storage than 20 Sony IVAOs. 60gbs means that the iPOD can hold around 15,000 songs, 150 hours of video, and 25,000 color photos. Forget the amount of video and photos and look at the number of songs again; 15,000. Can you name 15,000 songs??? It would take you an entire lifetime of NON-STOP music listening to listen to 15,000 songs and countless years downloading them. So....would you buy a piece of non-savy machinary that would consume your entire lifetime, or spend those hard earned Washingtons on a less "dense" iPOD such as the Nano which holds around 500 and sells for $199 ($179 if you're in college).

It's your money.