Representation Through Humiliation


April Fools Day

We interrupt ourselves for a Buzz Public Service moment: You survived the Ides of March, now look out for the first of April. That's April Fools' Day to unsuspecting victims, up 247% in Search. The day given wholeheartedly to tomfoolery falls on a Saturday this year. As the annual mischief is often aimed at figures of authority, bosses and teachers may have to watch their backs a day early, or even on Monday.

Pranksters have been researching how to perform "jokes" (+1,118%) and "pranks" (off the charts), as well as "gags," "greetings," "tricks," and "recipes." Straightforward queries all, but conducted by unusual suspects: Females drive about 75% of April foolishness, and preadolescent girl are the primary Search instigators.

Even those who don't fit the Puckish type can observe the occasion, as the quirkier queries below reveal. So listen for every creak and step... watch for every drawer or door left ajar... heed every girlish giggle ...

To see seom good pranks, check out:

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